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Sika DesignClassic Chair
Sale price$850.00
Sika DesignDavinci Chair
Sale price$710.00
Sika DesignDavinci Chair Exterior
Sale price$1,090.00
Sika DesignElisabeth Chair Exterior
Sale price$695.00
Sika DesignFranco Albini Bistro Chair
Sale price$1,050.00
Sika DesignFranco Albini Ottoman Small Exterior
Sale price$995.00
Sika DesignFunky Dining Chair
Sale price$945.00
Sika DesignIsabell Bar Stool
Sale price$695.00
Sika DesignIsabell Exterior Armchair
Sale price$640.00
Sika DesignIsabell Exterior Side Chair
Sale price$585.00
Sika DesignLulu Dining Chair
Sale price$490.00
Sika DesignMadame Chair
Sale price$1,915.00
Sika DesignMadame Chair Exterior
Sale price$1,595.00
Sika DesignMadeleine Arm Chair
Sale price$595.00
Sika DesignMadeleine Arm Chair AluRattan
Sale price$835.00
Sika DesignMargret Arm Chair
Sale price$545.00
Sika DesignMelody Side Chair
Sale price$495.00
Sika DesignMonet Chair
Sale price$790.00
Sika DesignMonet Chair Exterior
Sale price$1,365.00
Sika DesignMonet Rocking Chair
Sale price$920.00
Sika DesignMonet Rocking Chair Exterior
Sale price$920.00
Sika DesignMonique Arm Chair
Sale price$580.00
Sika DesignMonique Side Chair
Sale price$565.00
Sika DesignNanna Ditzel Hanging Egg Chair
Sale price$3,995.00

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Where a passion for rattan meets exceptional design, craftsmanship, comfort, and eco-consciousness.

Sika-Design, a Danish family company established in 1942, is globally recognised for its exquisite furniture handmade in sustainable Indonesian rattan by skilled wicker makers. Sika-Design uses carefully selected rattan for furniture production to ensure the highest quality, creating pieces that can last generations. With a dedication to timeless design, Sika-Design manufactures both its own designs and those of iconic architects such as Arne Jacobsen, Viggo Boesen, Robert Wengler, and Nanna Ditzel.

Now led by third-generation owner Louise Andreason, Sika Design remains committed to sustainability, timelessness, and enduring quality. This vision has led to the launch of the new Sika Design Exterior collection, proudly presented by Classic with a Twist at the 2024 Sydney Design Show.