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PappelinaADA RUG 70X100
Sale price$149.95
PappelinaBOB 140X220
Sale price$919.95
PappelinaBOB 70X120
Sale price$219.95
PappelinaBOB 70X200
Sale price$364.95
PappelinaBOB 70X280
Sale price$489.95
PappelinaBOB 70X360
Sale price$604.95
PappelinaFIA 70X100
Sale price$149.95
PappelinaFIA 70X60
Sale price$89.95
PappelinaHONEY 180X260
Sale price$1,349.95
PappelinaHONEY 70X100
Sale price$169.95
PappelinaHONEY 70X160
Sale price$294.95
PappelinaHONEY 70X225
Sale price$384.95
PappelinaHONEY 70X350
Sale price$579.95
PappelinaHONEY 70X60
Sale price$99.95
PappelinaPEG RUG 70X140
Sale price$249.95
PappelinaPEG RUG 70X200
Sale price$359.95
PappelinaPEG RUG 70X60
Sale price$99.95
PappelinaREX 70X60
Sale price$99.95
PappelinaVERA RUG 70X150
Sale price$274.95
PappelinaVERA 70X225
Sale priceFrom $349.95
PappelinaVERA 70X300
Sale priceFrom $459.95
PappelinaVERA 70X450
Sale priceFrom $639.95
PappelinaVERA SMALL ONE 70X90
Sale price$159.95

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Pappelina are devoted in creating a world leading collection of exclusive plastic rugs. Over 20 years they have refined the production process whilst maintaining the human touch. Their focus is on developing new colours and patterns that elevate the classic Swedish plastic rug to a whole new level. Every Pappelina rug is proudly made in Sweden with passion, tradition, craftsmanship and love!

Looking for something to add a pop of colour to your indoor or outdoor entertainment space? If so, look no further than Pappelina rugs. Pappelina is a Swedish brand that has been designing and manufacturing rugs for over 20 years. Their rugs are made in Sweden with craftsmanship, passion and traditional techniques.

Classic with a Twist is proud to carry one of Australia's most diverse collections of these amazing Pappelina rugs. Pappelina rugs are made in Sweden and make fantastic additions to any space, indoor and out. The smaller rugs are ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and also as doormats whilst the larger rugs are great for hallways and family areas. Enjoy flipping them over as you can conveniently use both sides. Available in multiple sizes and in a variety of colours and patterns the Pappelina rugs will be perfect for your own unique space.


Our selection of Pappelina rugs are all available in a variety of different sizes — from the Peg rug which starts at 70x60cm to the Vera rug at 70x100cm to the Bob rug at 70x120cm. If you want something wider, we also carry Pappelina Max rugs, which are 180x260. All styles are available in a range of sizes.

When it comes to colour, our range of Pappelina rugs features a broad range of colours and patterns. There's the instantly recognisable Max design, the striped Bob rugs, the simple yet chic Vera rugs and more. The best part? The vast majority of these designs are reversible, giving you two rugs for the price of one!


Despite their diverse styles, Pappelina rugs share a number of impressive features. Unlike most rugs on the market today, they are much more environmentally friendly, free from phthalates and made from completely non-toxic materials. Very easy to clean, they will be a great addition to your household. 

Their bright and colourful designs are achieved without the use of harmful dyes or chemicals. They are made using high-quality textiles and are woven on traditional looms. You can feel this high level of craftsmanship every time you step on a Pappelina rug.


Interested in purchasing your own Pappelina rug? Browse Classic with a Twist's massive selection online today. We ship our products Australia wide, including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and beyond. We have a wide selection of the Pappelina rug in our Melbourne showroom if you would prefer to shop in person.

To speak to our helpful showroom staff, please call 03 9510 4561 or email today. You can also contact us for all other enquiries by completing our online form at your next convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.